About Me

Hello! My friends call me Sof, and I LOVE all things nails and art.

I received my Nail Technician certification in April of 2021 from Renaissance Academie in Provo, Utah.

My nail journey began as an 8-year-old tomboy. I was never into anything super girly and insisted on always being in a t-shirt and tennis shoes with my hair pulled back. When I was gifted a makeup kit from my grandma for Christmas, I did not appreciate it at first. Haha! I ignored all the makeup but was intrigued by the nail polish bottles it had. I thought, “Well, this is more artsy than girly. I’ll give it a try.” I haven’t dropped the brush since!

I have since experimented with several types of nail technology: lacquer, dip powder, hard gel, soft gel, extensions, acrylic–you name it! I fell in love with the art, precision, and challenge of nail art. I have become a lot girlier too. 🙂 I also graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Business in August 2021.

Fun facts:

My favorite colors are green and yellow.

I’ve always loved karaoke!

My favorite animals are deer, pigs, and dogs.

I love tennis and sunshine!

If you have any questions about my work, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a wonderful day!