My Policies


I prefer cash or Venmo, but I can also run the card I have on file at the time you schedule your appointment. 


Please give me as much notice as possible if you need to cancel an appointment. Cancellations made within 24-hours of the scheduled appointment will be charged $25 dollars. 


I know life happens, but please try your best not to be late. If you are up to 15 minutes late I will still do your nails, but we may only have time for a solid color, and $10 dollars will be added to your fee at the end of the service.


If you do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged a $50 no-show fee to your credit card on file.


If you are feeling sick, let’s reschedule. I need to stay healthy to do my job.

If I am feeling sick, I may ask you to reschedule or in some cases even cancel your appointment and refer you to another nail tech for that month. 


I understand if you need to take a call or answer a text, but please try to stay off your phone as much as you can (unless you’re looking for nail inspo!). 


It is important that you find someone to take care of your children before coming to your appointment. My nail room is not safe for children because of my equipment and cords laying around. Even if your child is sitting in a stroller, the appointment time is extended when we pause to tend to your children in any way. You also risk ruining your nails in the process which we would spend extra time fixing. 

Before the Appointment

Come to your appointment with an idea of what you’d like. These might help you decide: 1) bright, pastel, or neutral colors? 2) classy, cute, or trendy? 3) simple or intricate? 

Once you give me a color scheme or idea of what you want, let’s talk about it while I’m prepping your nails so that we are ready to go once the base is on! I am hesitant if you say “do whatever you want” unless I know your style. 

During the Appointment

Please scoot in as much as you can and keep your body straight and slightly forward. This helps me to not have to lean forward and strain my neck and back.

Keep your hands on the table and away from your hair, clothes, or purse. Even when the gel has technically hardened in the light, it often has a tacky layer that any dust or fuzzies will stick to. 

Please be sure to relax your hands so I can move your nails and fingers where I need them.


Use cuticle oil multiple times a day and especially after showering. Washing your hands dries out your skin and cuticles, so applying oil will help your nails feel and look so much better!

Make sure you choose a nail length that matches your lifestyle. If you rock climb, it will be hard to keep long nails clean and properly taken care of. 

Do not use your nails as tools–pretty obvious, right? I use high-quality products, but that does not mean that nails are indestructible!

Additional notes

By scheduling an appointment, you agree to each of these policies.

Thank you for supporting my business!