Nail Prepping Techniques Add-On Workshop

(A 30-minute workshop that can be added to either the beginner or advanced workshop)

This unique nail prepping system is one I developed over the years to ensure the nail surface is ideally prepared for gel application and nail art.

This workshop includes:

  1. Prepping of surface and cuticle area
  2. Correct use of bits and cuticle nippers
  3. Which solutions and bonders to use for maximum adhesion

This course also includes a demonstration and/or discussion about:

  • Nail Art Tools:   My favorite brands for gel, brushes, task lighting, dust collectors, and other tools. I will provide a link to my favorite products from Amazon that students are welcome to purchase prior to my class to use during the hands-on portion. I will also demonstrate how to load gel on brushes; how to hold the brush; and how to apply gel for different types of designs.
  • Nail Business Basics: I will share with students the basics about building an online presence, tips on setting up a website, opening an Instagram account, choosing a name, the importance of consistency, promoting their nail business, and more.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!