Advanced Techniques for Nail Art Design

(Best suited for students who already have some nail art experience and want to learn how to do more intricate work)

This workshop includes:

  1. Sharing of the artistic thought process for creating advanced designs, including teaching students how I think about proportions before applying them to the nail
  2. Demonstration of lettering and spacing techniques
  3. Tutorial on theme-based/seasonal art depending on the time of year the course is offered (if teaching in the Fall, for example, my teaching will mostly be centered on a Fall/Halloween theme)

This course also includes a demonstration and/or discussion about:

  • Nail Art Tools:   My favorite brands for gel, brushes, task lighting, dust collectors, and other tools. I will provide a link to my favorite products from Amazon that students are welcome to purchase prior to my class to use during the hands-on portion. I will also demonstrate how to load gel on brushes; how to hold the brush; and how to apply gel for different types of designs.
  • Nail Business Basics: I will share with students the basics about building an online presence, tips on setting up a website, opening an Instagram account, choosing a name, the importance of consistency, promoting their nail business, and more.

Plus: You have the option to include the Nail Prepping Techniques Workshop as an add-on. See details here.