Nail Art Design for Beginners

(Geared to students interested in learning the basics of nail art) This workshop includes:

  1. My personal method for creating shapes (e.g., circles, squares, lines, curves)
  2. The layering process when doing plaids
  3. How to connect perfectly shaped squares
  4. How to paint several variations of floral designs

This course also includes a demonstration and/or discussion about:

  • Nail Art Tools:   My favorite brands for gel, brushes, task lighting, dust collectors, and other tools. I will provide a link to my favorite products from Amazon that students are welcome to purchase prior to my class to use during the hands-on portion. I will also demonstrate how to load gel on brushes; how to hold the brush; and how to apply gel for different types of designs.
  • Nail Business Basics: I will share with students the basics about building an online presence, tips on setting up a website, opening an Instagram account, choosing a name, the importance of consistency, promoting their nail business, and more.

Plus: You have the option to include the Nail Prepping Techniques Workshop as an add-on. See details here.